07 October 2011

Waterwise rural landscaping, Western Australia

First impressions count, this is especially so in relation to entrance statements within new developments.

Sustainable, low maintenance and impact are the key to the design of entrance statements. Our resent project was at Two Rocks , Western Aust. along Breakwater Drive.

Our brief was to establish a waterwise and low maintenance entrance statement. Specie selection was the key.

Block/mass plantings of three (3) species will give long term impact. I chose Eremophilia glabra close to the road verge/pavement. A low ground cover that will not affect the tarffic visison in the long term. Mid slope I went with a band of Angozanthos "Flavidus red" to give colour impact. Then along the top we went for Calothamus quadrifidus to provide screening.

Due to council regulations they imposed on 24 month maintenance period on the developer. After this period the project would be handed over to the council. Although we used all waterwise plants a reticulation system was installed. Reece Irrigation help with the design. A drip system was installed. Each plant has a micro drip placed alongside to give approximately 2-4 litres per minute.

As part of our services regular maintenance checks will be made across the summer period. Too date the project is looking amazing, some of the Eremopholia are in flower already.