01 September 2013

Dowerin Field Days

It was great to get the recognition of over 28 years working with landholders and farmers across WA winning the company offering the Sustainable Farm Practises award. The key to this prize was the ability to incorporate fodder shrubs across the landscape and throughout all the landcare projects. Increasing the profitability on marginal or poor yielding soil types incorporating trees and shrubs in the areas where water table management is critical is the key to dryland salinity control.
As mentioned in my acceptance speech the federal and state funding has decreased somewhat so the landcare dollar from the farmers need to be well spent...farmers and landholders are always looking to add value and thriving for a return on your investment, even if it is long term.
The display at the field days of lots of project photo's of before and afters across the state helps promote the whole concept of making landcare profitable. With over 28 years working with landholders prospective clients get excited when they can see and visualise the end results. Many farmers have expressed interested in getting projects underway for the 2014 season.